About Us

About FrigginDeals.com

Our company was established on helping small business owners compete against the internet goliaths of the word like Walmart, Amazon and Ebay for their piece of the online sales market.

Our founders Joe Simmons and his son Elijah realized that companies like Walmart, Ebay, Amazon and many others continue to forced out and shut down small business owners who make a living in there small communities across the globe that can’t compete on price and don’t have the knowledge to compete online.

Small business owners are forced to find other ways to sell their products at a reasonable cost online but may have challenges listing and promoting their products due to lack of online sale knowledge.

That’s where Friggin Deals comes in. We buy overstock items from small business across the globe and helps promote and market them online at the lowest possible prices. This helps both small business owners who sell and manufacture items.

If you are a company who is interested in selling your products online and need a little extra help, feel free to email us at sales@friggindeals.com for more details on how we can help.